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     This is a very simple free website with free easy to use free basic website web page templates. The free templates can be used to make a website, make a blog, gaming or business site. The templates are for free websites or paid web hosting. The free templates are fully customizable and you only have to copy and paste the free template script code. Very little HTML coding knowledge is required, just copy and paste the HTML script code to your web page or your text editor.

     You are welcome to use these free templates in any manner and redistribute them but I insist in return that you must not ever remove the link back to my website that is a small text link in the template code at the bottom of the web page. I have spent hours designing these free  website webpage templates, and all I get out of it is your referral.

     Free templates #1 through #12 are very simple to use, just copy and paste the html code with nothing to download.  GO NOW
     Free templates #13 through #24 have are also simple with a background image. They require you save one small image to your computer.  GO NOW
     NEW! Advanced free templates #25 through #36 have rounded corners and still only require you to save 1 image to your computer.  GO NOW   (see also the old-school rounded corner method HERE)
  There is also a free template section for photo galleries, gaming websites and squeeze pages.  GO NOW

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